Foire aux questions (FAQ)

Browse through these questions and find answers to commonly raised questions about COVID-19 Resources Canada. If you don’t find your question and answer here, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page for more information.

Volunteer Database

What is the role of the Volunteer Team at COVID-19 Resources Canada?

We aim to pair scientifically trained and social impact-minded people (you) with Canadian organizations that need support in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to help strengthen our local, provincial and national responses to the pandemic by providing science and non-science support to opportunities from non-for profit, research, and government entities.

How do these opportunities work?

It all boils down to a five-step process: (1) you register as a volunteer in our database; (2) an organization contacts us to request support for a specific opportunity; (3) we forward the request from the organization to subset of our database that fits specified criteria; (4) candidates in our database indicate their interest to us (including their consent to have their name,email and CV forwarded to the inquiring organization); (5) the organization contacts select candidates directly.

Are these opportunities volunteer or paid?

Both! While we originally started as a purely volunteer-run organization, we recognize that many of the roles our candidates  have been filling should be remunerated. As such, we always engage those organizations who contact us in discussions about whether or not compensation should be expected. Whenever we contact you, it will be clear whether or not a position is paid or volunteer. 

I registered as a volunteer in your database. Now what?

Wait until we contact you! We process new requests for volunteer and paid positions every week. If we’re ever contacted by an organization whose needs match your skill set, we’ll let you know.

I was contacted about an opportunity, which really interests me. Is there anything I can do to make my application more competitive?

No. We treat every candidate we reach out to from our database equally. Our best advice: “opt-in” to the opportunity as soon as you feel comfortable doing so (ideally within 24-48 hours).

I opted into a job opportunity but haven’t heard anything back. Now what?

We’re sorry you haven’t been contacted by the organization! The truth is: we typically send more candidates to an organization than they require to fill roles. You either haven’t been contacted because (1) the organization hasn’t yet reached out to individuals yet; or (2) the organization has already filled its quota. Keep on the lookout for subsequent opportunities!

Why do you continue to recruit into your database when you already have a large pool of diverse candidates?

Sometimes organizations contact us with requests that we know we can’t fill with our current database  (either because of limited technical expertise, or geographic restrictions). When this happens, we launch targeted recruitment campaigns to “beef up” soft spots in our database to fill these requests. 

Do I have to be bilingual to register?

No! We welcome anyone to register – whether you speak one language, two, or more.

I don’t have any skills in wet lab / data analysis / public health / etc. – can I still help?

Absolutely. We regularly process requests for support that require no prior training in any discipline. Many of our organizations also commit to training candidates prior to the job start.

How do I withdraw myself as a volunteer from your database?

We’re sorry to see you go. To confirm that you no longer wish to be registered in our Volunteer Database, please reach out to us here.