COVID-19 Resources Canada

For scientists:

how can you help in the response to COVID-19?

If you’re a researcher, clinician, or have relevant scientific training and want to help Canada with the response to COVID-19, there are many things you can do.

1. Volunteer your time and expertise

We’re trying to loosen red tape so more scientists can get involved in testing and diagnosis outside the current public health restrictions. See our section on Volunteer recruitment.


2. Do you need reagents or have some needed ones in your lab you could donate to others?

Check out our Call for reagents and see where your lab can help.

Call for reagents

3. Share your projects and data

If you’re running a funded research project related to COVID-19, list it in our Active research projects and if you have any results and protocols to share, let us know in Experimental results and protocols. Sharing as much information as possible will help us find solutions to COVID-19 more quickly.

Funded research and opportunities

4. Be a good citizen

If you can’t help scientifically but have capacity, see our curated list of volunteer initiatives across Canada, such as grocery shopping or helping the elderly.

Volunteer initiatives

5. Spread the word

Help us get our message out by sharing this website with your research and clinical community.