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COVID-19 Resources Canada is partnering with experts passionate about science communication to provide accurate expert-written information tackling various aspects of our current reality, helping bridge knowledge gaps and dispel myths surrounding COVID-19 and the Canada-wide response. These expert-written pieces are translated by our volunteers into different languages to help bridge accessibility gaps.

Clinical Trials
The lockdown related to COVID-19 severely affected early-career investigators and clinical trials

The research sectors particularly impacted by the pandemic are beginning to be identified. David Knapp, Principal Investigator at IRIC, in collaboration with David G. Kent (University of York) and Nagarajan Kannan (Mayo Clinic), highlight the consequences of the health crisis on early-career investigators and clinical trials. Read on

FR Les secteurs de la recherche particulièrement touchés par la pandémie commencent à être identifiés. David Knapp, chercheur principal à l’IRIC, en collaboration avec David G. Kent (University of York) et Nagarajan Kannan (Mayo Clinic), met en lumière les conséquences de la crise sanitaire sur les jeunes chercheurs et les essais cliniques. Lire la suite

Vaccines and Therapeutics
What is this promising Covid-19 vaccine developed by Moderna?

In mid-May, the American company Moderna announced that the vaccine developed against Covid-19 had triggered an immune response in 8 patients. These patients secreted antibodies in an amount comparable to those seen in infected patients and recovered from the coronavirus. Among the panoply of vaccine strategies currently being tested, to which category does Moderna belong? Read on

FR À la mi-mai, l'entreprise américaine Moderna annonçait que le vaccin qu'elle développe contre la Covid-19 a déclenché une réponse immunitaire chez 8 patients. Ces patients ont sécrété des anticorps en quantité comparable à ceux observés chez les patients infectés et remis du coronavirus. Parmi la panoplie de stratégie de vaccins actuellement à l'essai, à quelle catégorie appartient Moderna? Lire la suite

Vaccines and Therapeutics
Towards a massive screening of COVID-19? The EasyCOV saliva test

"Test, test, test" has been the leitmotif of the World Health Organization (WHO) since the start of the pandemic. However, mass screening requires a rapid, simple and effective detection test. To answer this question, french researchers carried out a real race against the clock in the laboratory in order to produce and market this test in record time. This one, called EasyCOV1, requires a saliva sample and provides the results in 1 hour. Back on this test and its mode of action. Read on

FR «Testez, testez, testez» est le leitmotiv de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) depuis le début de la pandémie. Néanmoins, un dépistage massif requiert un test de détection rapide, simple et efficace. Pour y répondre, des chercheurs français ont effectué une véritable course contre la montre en laboratoire afin de produire et commercialiser ce test en un temps records. Celui-ci, appelé EasyCOV1, nécessite un échantillon de salive et fournit les résultats en 1h. Retour sur ce test et son mode d’action. Lire la suite

Fundamental Science
Will COVID-19 Use Myocarditis to Strike Out Baseball?

COVID-19 has thrown North American professional baseball a curveball. An outbreak among players for the Miami Marlins, that has spread to the Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals, brings into question the infection control protocols touted by Major League Baseball. But perhaps more concerning is the report that Boston Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodríguez developed myocarditis as a result of COVID-19. Will myocarditis from COVID-19 be a strike out pitch for professional baseball? Read on

Public Health
Pregnancy and COVID-19

These times can be especially alarming for many pregnant and new parents because there does not seem to be enough research, let alone digestible information to communicate what to expect. For this reason, I sought to understand what the data says about COVID-19 exposure and transmission in pregnancy and newborns. Read on

Public Health
Simulations help reduce the effects of a second wave of COVID-19

It is expected that there will be a second wave of COVID-19 — and possibly more — that could be even more deadly than the current one. We should be better prepared, and modelling and simulation can be useful to predict the evolution of the disease, help reduce the spread of infection and inform public and private policies in terms of prevention. We still have time. Read on

ES Se espera que haya una segunda ola de COVID-19 - y posiblemente más - que podría ser incluso más mortal que la actual. Deberíamos estar mejor preparados, y la modelización y la simulación pueden ser útiles para predecir la evolución de la enfermedad, ayudar a reducir la propagación de la infección e informar las políticas públicas y privadas en materia de prevención. Todavía estamos a tiempo. Sigue leyendo

The Racial Disparities of COVID-19

People with compromised immune systems or other health challenges understandably have high rates of mortality from COVID-19. But why does COVID-19 have an unusually large impact among some racialized and ethnic groups? Studies suggest that systemic discrimination against minorities, especially Black communities, is a driving factor that leaves these populations disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Read on

ES Es comprensible que las personas con sistemas inmunes comprometidos u otros problemas de salud tengan altas tasas de mortalidad por causa del COVID-19. Pero ¿cuál es la causa por la que el COVID-19 tiene un impacto tan alto en algunos grupos étnicos? Estudios recientes sugieren que una de las causas es la discriminación sistémica contra las minorías, especialmente las comunidades afroamericanas, provocando que estos grupos sean afectados por el COVID-19 de manera desproporcionada. Sigue leyendo

Vaccines and Therapeutics
The Ups and Downs of Hydroxychloroquine

As COVID19 continues to spread, the global search for a cure is underway. The development of a preventative vaccine is likely months if not a year away. In the meantime, several therapies have been raised as potential cures with hydroxychloroquine arguably being the most widely known. But will this miracle treatment live up to the hype? Read on

ES La pandemia de COVID-19 continúa extendiéndose, y seguimos buscando una cura. Es posible que falten meses o hasta un año para completar el desarrollo de una vacuna. Mientras tanto se han planteado varias terapias, y una de las más conocidas propone utilizar hidroxicloroquina. Este tratamiento milagroso ¿Está a la altura de las circunstancias? Sigue leyendo

Fundamental Science
The Heartbreaking Truth About COVID-19

Coronaviruses like SARS-CoV2 – which is responsible for COVID-19 – cause illness by infecting the lungs. But the impact of these viruses can be far wider. The truth is, COVID-19 can be heartbreaking. Read on

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